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Our office is skilled in the nuances of personal injury law and we will dedicate ourselves to your claim from the time of injury to final judgment. We will conduct a thorough analysis of your injury and insurance, we will use our knowledge and resources to negotiate your claim with risk agents, we will explain the medical therapy process to you, and we will shepherd you to resolution by fighting for your claim at every step. Contact our office.


Divorce has substantial personal, financial, and emotional impacts; regardless of whether the issues involved are litigated or personal in nature. Our office provides honest, straightforward legal advice and representation to Greater Boston Professionals and their families who are seeking a Divorce, Child Custodyor Support, Modification, or who seek emergency assistance with a Domestic Violence issue. We welcome members of the gay and lesbian community in same sex family law matters. Contact our office.


Bankruptcy is a federal law protecting any debtor with more debt than assets. It also protects an individual from being deprived of necessary living expenses to service monthly debt. Its function is to protect against mounting debt, when your monthly income is not enough to pay all of your monthly living and debt expenses.

Contact our office If you think you need help in avoiding foreclosure, managing your debt, or working with your creditors, contact us for an assessment and fee quote.


We understand that purchasing or selling a home is one of lifes most significant decisions. We will make sure your home is steadfastly represented from the initial offer, to the purchase and sale agreement, to closing; we will be with you at each step of the process and we will make sure your sale is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Contact our office.


We provide assistance to Veterans and active duty service members in benefit resolutions, and we defend active and former service members in both civil and criminal actions. We understand and respect that service-members make great sacrifices but they should not think that they have given up all their rights by joining the military. We take great pride in serving our veterans and service-members and we will fight through the obstacles before you to get you what you are entitled to. Contact our office.

Contact us at (617) 314-3468

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